Our coaching is available in several different packages. To bring about effective change the coach, the sponsor, and the person being coached need to share the same goals, and to be on the same journey with a specific end in mind. It’s important to define expectations, to build trust, and to establish milestones in the process. We offer 45-minute free consultations with coaches to establish this foundation.

Our initial conversation will help us understand how to best design a process for you and the individual being coached. We want to shape an agreement that works for the person being coached and for his or her sponsor, if any.

We offer an initial complimentary forty-five minute session and all future interactions are ninety minutes in duration. 

Free Consultation

Get your free 45-minute consultation. We know that to be successful in any coaching there must be a relationship of trust as well as a desire for positive change. We offer a complimentary forty-five minute conversation to begin this journey.

Executive Coaching Packages

There are three packages available and these can be molded to individual goals. A team agreement and the time allotted must be appropriate to allow for everyone to be comfortable with the results.

  • 1-month
  • 3-month
  • 6-months
  • Extended Consultation: some projects just need more time. We are very open to working with sponsors to design a process that fits individual needs.

Customized Research-based Leadership Assessments in Multiple Languages

  • 360° Degree Assessments
  • Ability to Learn from Success Assessments
  • Core Skills for Success Assessments
  • Creativity and Innovation through Organizational Climate Assessments
  • Leadership Strength and Development Needs Assessments
  • WorkLife Assessments