Case Studies

Linda Lingle, Former Governor of Hawaii and Chief Operating Officer of Illinois:

Ed Hubennette combines the best qualities of effective leadership. He clearly articulates his vision of where he wants to take an organization and how to get there, is knowledgeable on details while being aware of the big picture, and is firm but fair in his dealings with employees. There are few people as experienced as Ed in all aspects of tourism. During my eight years as Governor of Hawaii, he was one of my go-to sources on all aspects of our state’s most important business sector. If Ed wanted to work for my organization and there wasn’t an available position, I would create one.

Ed Fuller, President of Marriott International:

During Ed’s career, he was exposed to a Global environment, which enabled him to truly evaluate and develop leadership skills in numerous cultures and countries. His style of mentorship and counselling resulted in the development of hundreds of executives and leaders in the Marriott of today. Ed’s commitment to his associates, objectives and goals resulted in his many successes worldwide.

Dana Shelton (PhD), Industrial-Organizational Consultant:

Dr. Pernsteiner is an excellent leader and coach. She is calm under pressure with the critical skills to quickly understand and successfully tackle the developmental needs of supervisors, managers and other leaders. Dr. Pernsteiner implements assessments to create customized development plans that enable others to build critical leadership skills.

Patricia D’Urso (PhD), Master Methodologist and Doctoral Chair:

Dr. Pernsteiner is a respected professional and leader in the academic and business communities.  Many seek out her advice and information in business scenarios. Dr. Pernsteiner has a way of changing one’s thinking because she is a critical and creative thinker who knows how to solve problems, generate revenue, and create opportunities.  She is strategic and has a sixth sense about what is the best thing to do in every situation.  She excels in situational leadership and knows how to customize reaction for the individual or the specific event with aplomb!

Rick Suhl, Regional Manager at Starwood Hotels & Resorts:

I have worked with Carol Pernsteiner throughout my career with Starwood, and watched her grow over the 15 years we worked together. Carol’s ability to focus on the small as well as the big made her a well-rounded leader. She was never hesitant to ask how to improve and excel.  Carol is a methodical listener, who was always able to direct her Leadership to priorities and at the same time lead her team to ensure that goals were met. Carol has an incredible ability to see people for their strengths, and to develop team members who can grow their careers. Carol definitely set the example of a motivated, creative, and financially detailed leader, who could make the tough decisions as well as walk the talk; there was a not a job in a hotel that she could not do herself, which is why her teams applauded her Leadership!

Dan Hughes Colonel (ret) H.M. Household Calvary:

Ed is a driven and visionary business leader with a robust work ethic and strong community spirit. A natural leader, he can operate equally comfortably at the tactical and strategic levels, and is able to bring clarity to even the most complex business problems.