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By opening our clients minds to change, we are able to enable transformation. We bring value to clients by working with them as individuals. Each project is unique, diverse, and generates action. In order to help you grow and develop, we offer the following carefully crafted programmes:

Free Consultation

To be successful in any coaching there must be a relationship of trust as well as a desire for positive change. We offer a complimentary forty-five minute conversation to begin this journey.

Executive Coaching

We offer 1, 3, and 6-month consultation packages, which can be tailored around individuals' goals. We are happy to work with sponsors to design processes that fits individual needs.

Customized Assessments

Customized research-based leadership assessments are offered in multiple languages, including 360° assessments, creativity and innovation deep-dives, and organizational climate reviews.



Meet the people that are going to help you create and institute positive change.

Ed Hubennette
Ed Hubennette

Managing Director

The former UK and APAC VP for Marriott Hotels, Ed is a Member of the Board at Minor Group, Trustee of Robert Kennedy Junior’s Waterkeeper Alliance, and a member of the Board of Directors for the Red Cross in San Francisco.

    Dr Carol Pernsteiner
    Dr Carol Pernsteiner


    Carol is a former senior manager with ITT Sheraton and Starwood Hotels, the former Director of the MBA Program in Hospitality at Nova Southeastern University, and currently an instructor in the College of Doctoral Studies at Grand Canyon University.

      Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos
      Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos


      Dimitrios is a lecturer at University College London, specialising in communications, economics and psychology, as well as their application in complex business environments. In his work, he uses science to provide solutions for business challenges.

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        Are You Fake News? Be Real.

        Merriam-Webster dictionary describes being authentic as being not false or an imitation, true to one’s own personality, spirit or character with no pretensions. A key component of this value is honesty. Honesty is an essential ingredient in feedback. Unless we know what is really going on we cannot respond appropriately. Being honest does not mean […]

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        Summary of My Personal Journey Into Growing Awareness

        Last year I took the course, Interpersonal Dynamics of Executive Coaching taught by Keith Wilson at Cambridge University UK. This was my first introduction into the world of executive coaching which Keith described as a taster program to help us understand the intricate world of coaching. In that course Keith had us read a paper […]

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        Do No Harm

        The Ethical Implications Of Coaching Do no harm is a basic rule for anyone who takes on the role as a coach. Coaches need to insure that they are of benefit to their clients, managing conflict and insuring confidentiality. Several professional organizations have established standards for ethical practice in coaching. A few of these are […]

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